Wednesday, October 9, 2013

heaven sends us habit in place of happiness

Sounds like the eternal plaint of the middle-aged, yes? Well, it's also a line from Eugene Onegin (the opera, not the poem, though I guess it may be in the poem too), which I saw tonight in one of those live-streaming-to-movie-theaters from the met. Wow. I'd never seen any opera before and never really wanted to, either. But I really enjoyed this.

Otherwise, it was a pretty crap day. At work I was so busy with the data-maintenance (see last post) that I couldn't do any of the other things I needed to do. Someone told me to do something and I did it, but it turned out that maybe it was an unwise thing to do and they shouldn't have told me to do it, but who knew? Not I. I may not have a job 24 hours from now.

And I still can't run. My hamstring was feeling much better, but 4 hours immobile in a movie-theater seat set it back a little.

And I only practiced for about 15 minutes today.

Tomorrow is another day.

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