Thursday, October 24, 2013

how not to be an IT recruiter

Even though I am not on the job market, I get a lot of unsolicited attention from recruiters, or people calling themselves recruiters. They always seem to have come across my resume in their database, yet ask me to send my resume if interested in the exciting opportunity they're about to describe. Today I received one that started out


My name is Shashi and I'm an Sr IT Recruiter at an IT consulting firm. I came across your resume and I'm currently sourcing people for the below opportunity. If this opportunity does not align with your ideal position, please give me a call t
o discuss other Exciting opportunities that we may have for you, at your earliest convenience.

Work Summary
Senior Database Analyst to support Application Development and Production using best practices and standards to enable our company to deliver quality technology solutions that are aligned with the business needs.

Primary responsibilities:
·Troubleshoot and remediate production/code failures

Love. It. Love it. The "Work Summary" is so vague as to be meaningless; it sounds like something a cheerleading squad might say. Then, the Number One Primary Responsibility is to troubleshoot and remediate failures. Failures! What failures could possibly exist in a company that delivers technology solutions that are aligned with the business needs?

Sorry, Shashi. This one's going in the trash. Best of luck and kindest regards,

Joe Positive

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