Sunday, October 13, 2013

some good things today

  • ran 3 miles, just barely felt the hamstring at 2.9 miles
  • done with that B minor 3-octave scale, thank god, now maybe my arm/wrist/shoulder will uncurl finally
  • the next scale is D major, which is has an infinitely more civilized fingering for a 3-octave scale. This is how 3-octave scales should always be.
  • Once or twice today during the lesson, my teacher said it sounded good. Or so I thought he said. Actually I was so dumbfounded that I may have misunderstood. And when we were working on the 3rd movement of the Telemann, he said it was time to focus on the musical aspect and stop thinking about the technical stuff. Which could mean that the technical stuff in that piece is a) good enough to stop worrying about, or b) hopeless. For now I'll go with the more optimistic choice.

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