Monday, November 11, 2013

all that bunk about muscle memory

There was something I had been struggling with in the telemann 4th mvt (heh - what have I not been struggling with in that movement?). It wasn't much, just a way of getting to 2nd position during a run, for heaven's sake, but I'd spent a lot of time not-getting it and finally decided to change it. So yesterday I struggled a while with the new way, but I never did get to feeling non-shaky about it. Today I went to work on it, and it just fell out of my hand. Again and again. I started to wonder if I could not do it right :-) It got to the point where I was working on speed and phrasing, and not even thinking about the new thing because it was just not a problem. And I was able to play faster and with better phrasing too, and it was fun. Playing fast = fun? Never before, but tonight, yes.

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