Sunday, November 3, 2013

why looking on the bright side could be bad

I'm not sure I agree with everything in the article, but the title really resonates with me :-)

I am less than two weeks out from the marathon I was training for. I say "was training for" because whatever half-hearted training I was doing fizzled out for good when my hamstring got hurt a few weeks ago. Resting the hamstring right after the initial injury seemed to help a lot, and I considered going up to Richmond anyway, not to race, but to do a long run, in good weather, with company. Why not, since I already paid for it and can't get a refund on anything? I decided to follow the remainder of my training plan very loosely: fewer miles, much less intensity, even a day off if I needed it - in short, whatever might allow me to run 26.2 miles at some comfortable pace without my leg ripping in two. This has not been a complete success. Some days have been great, and some - like today - have not. This morning I felt the hamstring from the very first step, and by 4 miles it was downright painful. I stopped home to stretch, jogged a couple more miles, but ended up cutting my 17-miler down to 6. It's still sore, and is going to take a lot of ice today, I can tell. Not looking good. If I can, I'll try another medium-long run Thursday or Saturday, but that's cutting it really close. If I had a magic 8-Ball, it would say "signs point to no."

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