Saturday, December 14, 2013

480 kinda-related notes

We're having weird, changeable weather ahead of a cool front, and even though I have no scientific proof, I can feel an effect on my body: little aches start to ache big, and new tiny aches sprout like little flowers. Even though I haven't been practicing any more than usual, my left arm has become a temporary mess, from my shoulder all the way down to my fingers. This did get in the way of practicing today, and I got frustrated with my sound (I'll wager the viola itself has fallen prey to the weather too), not a good way to be on a day I really needed to practice. I kept going, though, and eventually things started to sound better. By the end of the night, my arm was on fire, but the etude that previously sounded like 480 kinda-related notes had begun to resemble music.

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