Sunday, December 1, 2013


5th day running 5 miles. Felt fine, though I am slow. 2 hours later, after practicing viola (standing) a while, if I thought about it real hard, my hamstring felt tight. 2 hours and 20 minutes later I had forgotten all about it.

Practicing went up and down, but ended on an up. Some things sounded better and some things remained stubbornly awful. One drawback to a long interval in between lessons is that I feel obliged to practice my lesson stuff, but it's now for 3 weeks instead of a week. I get bored. I can't detect any (consistent) improvement and then I get more bored. I either try something new or wander off-track entirely. Today, I did both. Eventually I dragged myself through the program for Tuesday's concert, then sat down to waste time online. Some people from the adult starters facebook group had posted recordings of themselves, and one recording had such a beautiful continuity and vibrato that I had to get up and start playing again - I wanted to sound like that, and to sound like that, I need to practice. So I ended up playing the entire Telemann viola concerto plus the first movement of the triosonata we are working on, with more vibrato than I thought I had in me. I'm talking (almost) continuous, exaggerated, big stout vibrato. Because I still can't play the fast movements very fast, I put vibrato everywhere in those too. My teacher would have been proud (actually, he would have laughed). Of course, I had the practice mute on because it was late, but I discovered that the practice mute is an excellent source of courage. 

These last four days of no work/all practice have take a physical toll. My shoulder, my hands, even my jaw hurts. Tomorrow I go back to work and back to fewer practice hours per day. I needed this weekend to end on an up, and I'm glad it did.

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