Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I hate shopping

I've been sort of thinking about buying a nicer viola, and a string shop sent me a couple to try, including one I liked a lot. I took the violas over to my teacher's after work today. He doesn't like the Stopka one as much I do, and now I don't like it as much either. In fact, I am back on the I-don't-deserve-a-good-viola train. He told me how his high school arranged a surprise fundraiser to buy him a viola to take to college, how he didn't have a good viola until grad school, how he didn't buy a really nice viola until he'd been playing in the orchestra for many years. And here I am, frazzled from work and unable to get through a scale I've played a million times. wondering who the fuck I think I am, thinking about a nice instrument. Bleh.

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