Tuesday, January 14, 2014

photos of baby elephants are most welcome

Today I let my workday get the better of me, and practice was short and decidedly un-sweet. This week I'm on data-maintenance rotation, and my day was filled with urgent requests to change production data using scripts that were poorly written, or just plain wrong. One group sent a request to "please make the changes [to some system I know nothing about] per the attached spreadsheet," but the spreadsheet contained no mention of tables, columns, or even database names. In fact, it looked like a bunch of color-coded sentences that told a story of some sort, maybe about some people living on another planet somewhere. Anyway, I stayed late and left work still unsatisfied with my progress, so I worked a little more once I got home, then started right in on the Scale of the Week, which is G# minor. This one goes pretty high and screechy, so you can imagine what it sounded like this evening. Higher. Screechier. After a little while with no progress, I moved on to the etude and made even less progress. Finally, patience wearing thin, I worked on the recital piece and actually did get somewhere with that, so I figured it was time to quit. May tomorrow be better.

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