Sunday, March 2, 2014

the cliche of running as therapy

My achilles has healed to the point where I can run without pain, and so I feel obligated to run every day. It is not fast, or fun, or goal-oriented. These runs...I guess they are a sort of therapy for me, but like real therapy (or so I've heard), it can be very painful. Nothing but me and my thoughts for 60-90 minutes, ugh, I cannot conceive of anything worse. I carom from one bad scenario to the next, then suddenly the weight lifts a little and things seem bearable, there is a way out after all. Then a stray thought sneaks in, unbidden, and once again there's no way out. Every once in a while I come to some realization about something, but those can be painful too. I hope at least the physical exertion does some good. In fact, I wonder if my thoughts would race even more without the daily exercise.

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