Saturday, March 1, 2014

weak end miscellany

I somehow managed to haul myself around the neighborhood more than 50 miles this week. Incredible, considering what an awful week it's been.

A former colleague posted a recommendation for me on LinkedIn, completely out of the blue. I did not ask her to.

Some people I know only online have been amazingly kind.

My viola lesson today went fairly well. My teacher found some nice things to say, and mentioned some new and different things I needed to work on, instead of just the same old things he's been saying for a year. We didn't quite get into the how of fixing them, but maybe that will happen someday. He had me play the atrocious baby piece and started picking it apart and we worked on it. He had it in mind for a recital piece, but I balked (because I really dislike it), and there commenced a discussion of potential recital pieces where he vetoed everything I suggested, for various reasons that all translated to "you are not good enough". Of course this got under my thin skin, but it was the tail end of the lesson. I shouldn't mind not being good enough - after all, it's a fact, and why argue with facts? I will tell him I'll play the atrocious baby piece if that's what he thinks is appropriate. And I will stop calling it the atrocious baby piece; maybe I'll learn to like it better.

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