Saturday, April 19, 2014

dum spiro spero

The other night, my cellist friend and I got together, since we're done with recitals and stress for the moment. We played the first movement of a Handel triosonata (which we started working on last summer and put into mothballs), which the cello starts. I was really struck by how good she sounded. She has really improved in a year. Not that she was bad or anything last year. But in this piece the other night she had such a nice sound, such a nice vibrato, such an improved sense of phrasing. Last year the intro was a little stiff; the other night, it just flowed. I was happy for her, happy for me (because I get to play with her) and happy for us both, because it's proof that adults can improve, and aren't always washed-up from the start.

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