Saturday, May 31, 2014

saturday is the last day of the week

42 miles this week, most since last year sometime, I think, or maybe just February. Anyway, seems like ages ago. Even though I am not anything like fast, running feels a lot less arduous. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the supplements I've been taking, or if I'm just slowly getting some endurance back, but I'm grateful.

Last viola lesson before my teacher goes away for the summer, and it was anticlimactic - I don't have a plan, or any kind of grip on what I should work on this summer, unless it's "everything." I don't know if my "summer"teacher has any agenda, and I have none to bring him - again, unless it's "everything". I think - I think - my regular teacher will have room for me in the fall, but meanwhile, for the next 2 days at least, I feel awfully at loose ends. I'm like a German Shepherd in that I need a job to do. It's very weird not having any "assignment."

I think a good plan of action would be to stay busy, making time go by and maybe getting something accomplished as well. Keep running, stay healthy, keep practicing, play with people as much as possible, prepare for camp as much as I can, try to find enjoyment in all of it, try not to make everything a chore.

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