Saturday, May 24, 2014

saturday may 24

Despite my utter lack of preparation, the viola lesson did not go as badly as I thought it might. Doesn't that always happen? Don't I always say that? It did kind of veer off into the land of "you're not good enough, probably never will get anywhere with this because you're so old," but that could have been my insecurity talking. Anyway, Bach is on the shelf for now or maybe forever; I may never get good enough to play it the way I hear it in my head.

Crummy little 5.5-mile run this morning but I made it over 40 miles this week, yay me. I started taking a couple of supplements this week, one of which is supposed to (gasp) help with age-related cognitive stuff, and by stuff I mean memory loss, absent-mindedness, lack of sharpness, whatever you want to call it. I have never been a supplement-taker, nor have I been one of those people fighting desperately and hopelessly against aging, but here I am taking supplements and hoping for a miracle. I am alive, so I want it to be as pleasant as possible.

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