Monday, June 9, 2014

huis clos

(yes, I have used this title before. So have other people.)

My office is a madhouse, with 16 boys and 2 girls shrieking, arguing, giggling, yakking, expounding, being silly, and occasionally talking about code and databases. All at volume, in our productivity-enhancing "open plan." Today I wanted to kill a couple of them outright, and blowtorch the rest.

Got home fairly wound up from the workday, too wound up to warm up properly for my viola lesson. It went ok, though, if you don't count the foot cramps that had me striking odd poses trying to avoid walking them off (didn't work). I can't stand motionless for more than an hour without this happening. This shouldn't happen to someone who runs every day. I am a little concerned. But anyway, the lesson went ok. I didn't play well, but I was less nervous than last week, and was able to laugh at my mistakes instead of being abashed.

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