Monday, June 30, 2014

I laugh at the noon vibrato

Today I was reading very quickly over something I'd written, and thought it said "I laugh at the noon vibrato."

Running: nada, day off. Tomorrow will be "speedwork" and there will be 50 miles this week. 50, countem.

After all that Bach this past week, I played it beautifully 2 minutes before lesson time, then succumbed to recital-itis during the actual lesson (bouncy shaky bow, playing it too safe regarding dynamics and vibrato). And after all the Sitt this week (and there was quite a lot of it), I suddenly could not play it at all. Holy smokes, what a mess. Now I have another movement of Bach and the entire rest of the Sitt movement to learn.

One cool thing: my teacher mentioned a former student of his who took it upon himself at age 27 to learn to play viola. He had never played an instrument and didn't read music. Before he started taking lessons with my teacher, he had somehow taught himself the first 2 movements of the first cello suite, and my teacher said that chunks of it were indistinguishable from professional performances. I happen to be reading Musicophilia right now, so this sounded to me like an Oliver Sacks story.

Turns out what it really said was "I laugh at the notion of vibrato."

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