Sunday, June 8, 2014

we can never remember what we need to remember

After a mess of a Saturday, Sunday was a kind friend. I slept as long as I needed to, ran 11 miles (11!) which were not too terribly slow, then spent the rest of the day practicing viola and being social on facebook. Oh, and I got a couple of chores done too.

The past couple of days, practicing has felt like banging my head against a wall, complete with headache. Today the fog lifted, the vise loosened, and everything felt much better. The strings rang (which means I was playing in tune) and I was transfixed. Anything, anything to make them ring again: where should the bow be? How fast? How heavy? I watched this video and noticed that all three violists had their instruments well in front, and pointing down, and they can play close to the fingerboard and with very little bow and get marvelous, different sounds that are every bit as viable as when they play closer to the bridge. So I moved my viola from 10 o'clock to 11:30, and no longer made an effort to keep it horizontal. It hasn't completely fixed my tone (and I have to get farther away from the stand because I keep hitting it with the scroll - may need even stronger glasses) but it is helping me to stay nearer the fingerboard and I am a little better equipped to think about dynamics and lines. And o thank heaven, I can read again! I was beginning to think that ability had gone away.

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