Tuesday, June 10, 2014

you don't look as strong

I was talking to someone today who hadn't seen me in a month, and she said "you don't look as strong."

Even so, this morning I'd managed to do 4 kinda-400s at some pace that felt uncomfortable. I got through a superweird workday which started with a conversation I should have been involved in (but wasn't) occurring 10 feet away from me, but which I could not eavesdrop on because my quad-mate was sitting on my desk so he could talk loudly with the guy who sits across the cube wall from me. Later, someone asked the question that sorely needed to be asked, namely "this app that we are frantically fixing - what does it actually do, and how is it supposed to work?" This prompted an emergency meeting in which the first 15 minutes were spent deciding what the meeting would be about and what expectations should be set; then the BAs took over, and when one of them refused to stop his robotic recitation even when asked several times, the organizer hung up on him (he was remote) and the meeting ended. This job was a mistake, without a doubt.

Highlights of the day were small, but did exist: watching the Primrose competition, also a tip from last night's lesson that seemed to make a huge difference in my bow hand.

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