Wednesday, July 30, 2014

beethoven, schubert, bowen, and many miles

or: struggling to overachieve...

The schedule says 7 miles so I get up extra-early and run 8.

I have a week to do 3 things at work, so I rush to get them done in 3 days. Tonight I had to work after hours, and I was tired and lacked patience, so I goofed off while practicing while waiting to do some work.

The camp website mentioned Haydn Op 17 string quartets so I made a point of reading through them. Now the website has switched things up to 1) a Beethoven quartet I have no hope in hell of playing, and 2) 5 early Schubert quartets (but not the one and only one I have ever played part of). So I read through the Schubert while waiting until it's safe to do my after-hours day-job work. I can only read so much, and then evertything shuts off.

The more familiar I get with the Bowen, the more shortcomings I discover. I'm sure that the other 3 are good enough to be pros, and will barely tolerate my bad playing. They all seem so eager to play this piece. I hope I don't ruin it.

In fact, I am getting prematurely intimidated by camp. I know some people whose outlook I admire; I know they would look on it as a great adventure. Even if they sucked, they would enjoy hearing all these others play. I keep trying to think like these people.

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