Tuesday, July 22, 2014

every day I race the clock.

Run. play. work. play. sleep. in between, I pick up around the house here and there, and read the internet while eating or just before bed.

Am I getting faster? No, but I am consistently increasing miles and am squarely in the 50s per week.

Am I getting any better at viola? Some things are sounding better, some are coming along. But there is never enough time, and sometimes I waste the time I have. And then there are times when my brain just quits and I know I've had enough for a while.

Am I getting acclimated at work? Not yet. They are not a social bunch, at least not around newcomers. If I had days full of stuff to do that I know I can do, and if I knew what was expected of me and that I was capable of it, that would be fine. But that's not happening (yet), and I'm a little lost.

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