Friday, August 1, 2014

have I mentioned

Yesterday I came home from work determined to make up for Wednesday's meager practice, but I managed about 20 minutes before lying down on the couch and sleeping nearly 10 hours. Guess I needed it, but the timing wasn't good. Today was practice in The Style Of The Old Days, meaning  every note was a scratch, vibrato was nonexistent, reading ability was waning and patience wore thin.

I am worried about this quartet I am trying to learn for camp. It's not even really for camp - it's just a group of (probably very good) violists who want to get together and read this for a couple hours one afternoon. I realized today that I have not ever played it through, so tonight I gave it a try. And it was not a good night to try. The notes are (mostly) there, but it is not fit to play with a group of people I don't know and with whom I've never played. I've only got a week left before camp, and that week is pretty full up, not sure if there's time enough for me to learn. And I've started letting this apprehension leak outside of the for-fun-group bubble and into my thoughts about camp in general. I need to stop, yes, or I will miss any chance of having a good time, and it will be my own fault.

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