Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I am apprehensive

I was doing pretty well not worrying about tomorrow's doctor appointment, but when they called today to remind me, I asked whether there was anything they could tell me. The person hemmed and hawed, then finally said all she could do was read me the doctor's instructions, which were something like "please have joe positive come in within a week to discuss abnormal imaging results." I asked if they could give me a hint as to which of the four imagings were abnormal; they said no, but offered me an appointment earlier in the day so I could find out a little sooner. Well, that did it; I started to worry.

This all happened toward the end of my workday. I worried, worked a little more, had a nice conversation about nothing in particular with a coworker, drove to school and had a nice time practicing with my cellist and violinist friends, had a nice orchestra rehearsal. I really enjoy playing with my stand partner. She helps keep me on track, and I think we sound good together. So, apparently, did one of the cellists, who tolds us so, out of the blue.

Came home, had a drink and some food. feel better but I'm still apprehensive. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Everything that will happen has already happened.

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