Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am having a panic attack

About nothing consequential, but

2 days in a row the viola sounds terrible, or rather I sound terrible, can't play, tone is awful, can't read. It's embarrassing, really. I cast about for something that might sound good when I play it. Nothing does. I have rehearsal tomorrow and a lesson Saturday and, oh brother.

Maybe things will seem better in the morning.

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Lee said...

I have many such violin days. I begin to suspect that success with a stringed instrument has nothing (not little, but nothing) to do with logic\reason and that psychological affect has big impact on musical work.

Might be good to suspend judgement on your musicianship until the sky clears a bit. If you can even think about 7thPos, you've already paid some dues. New moon (today) is low-energy time, too.

I got interested in your blog because at our age, you run. I envy that.