Thursday, September 18, 2014

in other news

crappy lousy mood. Crabby, short-tempered, afraid I am going to say something nasty to anyone who gets in the way.

dr visit: about the only thing anyone knows is that I have osteoporosis. I agreed to start taking fosamax but the pharmacy is getting all confused trying to contact my old insurance company (why?) so I guess I won't be starting right away. However, no one knows:

  • why I have a lot of swollen lymph nodes
  • whether the nodule on my thyroid is anything to worry about for another 4-6 months
  • what the mass in my breast might be (mass? what mass? what?)

So I have to go back to the imaging center for more imaging, joy. Really don't want to have to tell my boss (again) I have to do this (again). And of course this round of imaging will have another followup, and probably a biopsy, or more than one.

In other news, running is not going well. It's dark when I run, and the streets are ripped up and hard to run on, and I'm tired, and my watch is broken. Did I leave anything out?

work: ugh, no further comment.

Music: lesson's in a couple of days and the piece I'm working on is still just, well, blah, terrible. It's like there is something preventing me from making it sound like music. Even my scales are more musical. I'm not looking forward to playing it at the lesson. Even if I were to say something like "look, this just doesn't sound good no matter what I try, can you help?" I think he'd just say something like "if you don't get it, you don't get it." Which is not helpful at all.

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