Friday, September 12, 2014

it can actually get weirder

I didn't mention this in my last post, but I got this job at Company E via a recruiting firm, and it has turned out to be one of the weirdest firms I've ever dealt with.

This was a direct-placement position, meaning the recruiter basically pimped me, and now I belong to Company E and the recruiter gets some cash, and in my experience that's the end of the relationship between me and the recruiter. Not so this time. They walked me into the interview. They walked me in on my first day, and brought Chik Fil-A breakfast crap for everyone. They (the recruiter and the account manager, the tag-team) insisted on taking me to lunch after 2 weeks. And all along they've been tag-teaming, bombarding me with calls and texts any time - day, night, weekend..."How's it going? How's viola camp? How's running?" (I made the mistake of telling them a little about myself). "Oh, and we'd like to do a 'service touchpoint'..." (what the hell is that?) "Can I call you? Can I come by your work and we can get coffee? Will you just answer this list of questions about how great things are?"

I really saw no reason to keep up a pseudo-friendship with these people, so I ignored them as best I could. As things got stranger at work (see last post) I finally sent a brief email: "Sorry, the job is not really what was presented at the interview, I can't really respond to your questions." Flurries of concern: "can I come by? Can I help? Can I buy you coffee" I said no, there's nothing you can do, it's not really your problem. "oh, but we're going to do a 'service touchpoint' with your boss soon to do a performance review on you." Oh, shit, now I really want nothing to do with these people. I repeated "thanks but there's nothing you can do, no point in discussing further" and crossed my fingers that they wouldn't repeat my brief bare-bones statement to my boss.

Which they did, as the account manager emailed me the very next day (my boss said nothing about it). And the conversation (as reported by the recruiter) on both sides seemed totally whack, both sides talking about something different and neither side talking about what I actually meant, since what I told the recruiter was very brief and bare bones.

I told the recruiter as politely as I could that I was not happy she'd gone to my boss with anything I'd said. She tried to make it my fault ("you didn't tell me not to") but I wasn't having any. It has taken me all of this Friday evening to quit seething. My viola playing was very, very loud.

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