Thursday, September 4, 2014

playing music can be fun

yeah, right, it will be fun, if I can lift myself out of this funk. Last lesson with Mr Summer Teacher this evening, and I was surprised that it felt so bittersweet. He's really helped me to feel better about my playing. He made me feel like the work I put in is worthwhile, like more progress was possible, if not now or soon, then maybe later. By contrast, last night at rehearsal my teacher (who also conducts string orchestra) remarked, a propos of nothing, that "kids like lots of notes because it keeps them busy, but adults don't like to see a lot of notes on the page because that means they have to play fast." Way to fucking stereotype, Mister. Do you have any idea of what comes out of your mouth?

On the other hand, I should really not take all this so hard, especially a snarky comment directed to a room full of adults he was teaching. If he says something like that directly to me, well, that will be a test of my temper.

But meanwhile, we'll forget all about that, because lessons with Regular Teacher start again this Saturday and it will be as fun as I can make it.

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