Sunday, September 7, 2014

serendipity, ain't it

Yesterday I mentioned that my teacher really tends to pile on the directions and instructions when it comes to bowing. Trying to get some sort of sound out of me, he'd ask for different soundpoint, then weight, then speed, then distribution, sometimes more than once. This would fluster me, and sometimes frustrate me to the point of shutting down. Yesterday, though, I was somehow able to (mentally) say "oh, whatever" and just do as many things as I could remember. It wasn't all of them, and it wasn't perfect, but it was something, and generally something good. Better than shutting down, anyway.

Later that night I picked up The Inner Game of Music, which I started reading a few weeks ago, and read about something called "letting go to overload", which specifically mentioned getting too many instructions during a lesson and what to do when that happens. I was surprised that this was a subject at all - it never occurred to me that other people might have teachers who give them a whole lot to do at once, maybe too much to process at one time. I was also happily surprised that what the book prescribed was pretty much what I did - listen to the instructions, let go of them, and just play.

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