Wednesday, September 24, 2014

tiny little ray

Long day, hurrying from one thing to the next. Because it's orchestra rehearsal day I didn't get much time to practice, but I did get a chance to get together with my cellist friend before rehearsal, and murder some duets we haven't touched in months. It was like sight-reading pieces you know by ear, if that makes any sense. Even after two lousy days, my viola still sounds terrible - hell, I still sound terrible - but while we were reading through these pieces, and goofing up and laughing about it, I had these little flashes of, well, I don;t know what to call it. It was something like having ideas about what a line (or even a note) should sound like, and being able to try it right then and there (even as I was "trying" bowings and fingerings right then and there, i.e., sight reading), and have it sound like something. I know I am not explaining it right, and I know that probably no one could hear my intentions, but I could, a tiny bit. And that was just huge.