Monday, September 15, 2014

today could have been horrendous

1. Slow run, slower than it felt.

2. Just before I left for work, my doctor's office called to request that I come in to discuss the results of some imaging I had done last week. No, they wouldn't tell me anything over the phone.

3. Spent the workday trying not to google myself into a panic.

4. Got volunteered to work 5 nights this week in addition to the regular 5 days.

5. Stayed late.

6. Got home late, which meant started practice late. And practice ranged from "ok" to "perfunctory" while I worried about the day*.

7. could not eat much, which made me worry even more.

Whatever is going to happen has already happened. No point in worrying any more. And there's this:

*Postscript to #6: looking back on it, even though the etude is still a mess, I "got" the dynamics a little more. So there's something.

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