Monday, September 22, 2014

today was a piece of work

Not a good day.

Gray soggy rainy not-very-cold front settled in for the week, making everything sticky, making my dog upset, making my joints ache. I'm still not able to eat much, don't feel well. Running? Ha.

A friend's elderly dog was put down today, and I felt so sad for her, and her dog, and my dog, and me.

My job has become all about helping newbie project managers tick off little boxes in their report-generating software. And I have to work a couple of nights this week.

Tonight was the only night I had no other commitments, so I was hoping to get some good practicing done. And practice Absolutely Sucked. It was like I'd never picked up a viola in my life. Maybe the weather is making the viola sound bad, but my god, it was awful.

Every other thing is getting on my very last nerve.

Not a good day at all.

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