Saturday, October 11, 2014

I really hate to keep going on about this

But where else would I go on? Blogs are mundane, this-was-my-day things. So this was my day: 6-mile run at prescribed "easy" pace, no more 10-minute miles. It has occurred to me that I probably won't be able to run the race I'm training for in January, but since nothing has actually been scheduled yet, I will go on as if I'm still training.

Puttered around and practiced somewhat haphazardly for today's lesson. I was not well-prepared, and my teacher held me back with everything he'd assigned for this week. The scale in a high position needs to sound nicer; the etude needs to flow better so I have to practice it in dotted rhythms and also robotically, with the metronome; the piece he'd told me to set aside after last week's lesson had grown dusty already, so I need to keep it up and also work on evenness of tone and continuous vibrato (on top of playing in tune and choreographing the bow, this is a pretty tall order). Yet I wouldn't call it a bad lesson at all; I got the impression he wasn't asking me for things I couldn't do.

I told my teacher about this health fiasco because I may end up having to cancel some lessons on short notice, and didn't want him to drop me. Valid businesslike reason to talk about it, but still felt weird. I haven't told many people at all, and am not sure I want to. But at some point it will be perfectly obvious that something has happened. Maybe I'll just let it speak for itself.

Other: downloaded and read the final pathology report, tried to decipher it, decided I would just let a medical professional explain it to me, or not. Practiced a while, pretty focused, and I think it did some good; came up with a methodical way to work on troublesome 16th-note passages and it seems to help. Still not able to eat much, but I think it's just stress.

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