Thursday, October 23, 2014

it could all change but

The results of the "we see more stuff" biopsy came back, and while the report available online is confusing, my doctor's verdict is "it's benign, you only have the one area of DCIS, you can have the less-drastic surgery and then radiation". So today I found myself  in the bizarre position of being really happy to have only one area of cancerlike stuff, and a relatively easy out for it.

I have ventured into some forums and read about horrible invasive things discovered during lumpectomies, but I'm not going to think about that now. Looks like surgery will happen after the orchestra performance, in early December, on a Friday even so I can recover over the weekend and not deprive my compassionate company of  any of the the labor I trade for insurance premiums.


Someone I used to be friendly with during my college/punkrock days has died, of an unnamed illness. A few years ago, after the death of someone we both knew, a friend asked "have we reached the age where our friends start to die?" I thought that was a bit melodramatic. But now it seems I have reached the age where some of the unluckier people I know are starting to die.

May we be lucky enough to live forever.

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