Sunday, October 5, 2014

little miracles

  • First cool front of the season came through last night and left us with 60-degree temps this morning, which may sound like so-what to some folks but made this morning's 12 miles delightful. Everyone in the neighborhood was smiling - runners I hadn't seen in years (really), dogwalkers, plain old walkers, bicyclists. We waved; we said hello; we called out "nice weather!" In heaven, I'm sure it's 60F every morning.
  • Since the orchestra-honeymoon ended the other night, I expected the same at the viola lesson yesterday, especially since I didn't feel I'd made much progress on anything I was supposed to have worked on. Yet my teacher seemed pleased with some things, and said so. We talked a lot about making things musical, and I left feeling like I'd be able to do it someday, instead of never. I think this summer (especially camp, which I will write about sometime) brought about a lot of changes in my playing and (more importantly) in the way I think about playing and learning. My teacher has never been much of a sayer-of-nice-things, so I wonder if maybe he had some sort of life-changing experience over the summer too :-)
  • Something is happening to my left hand. The fingers seem to fall onto the fingerboard in a useful way, and I don't have to keep twisting my hand around within a given position to get the notes I want - the notes are just there. Today, while practicing double-stop 6ths, I made the amazing discovery that sometimes I could get 2 or 3 notes of the scale without moving my hand. Even though it was double-stops, even though there were 2 fingers to keep track of instead of one, the notes were just there, praise be. Maybe my fingers have learned to stretch, or my body is finally molding to this viola.
  • And I can read.

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