Monday, October 6, 2014

the big oops.

This morning, impatient to see lab results, I tried logging onto the imaging center's website, where I have been able to see whatever results were available. This morning, no dice; I could not log in, could not reset my password, nothing worked. I work in healthcare IT, and I know that sometimes systems are down or upgrades happen; this was just an unfortunate day (for me) to have this happen. No matter.

Just before I left for work, my doctor's office called: "we have results, they are benign." Hooray, I can get on with my life. It didn't occur to me to ask for details like "both biopsies, or just the one we knew about last Friday?" because I thought they are the doctor's office and they know best.

I went on with my day until mid-afternoon when I noticed a voicemail from an unfamiliar number. It was the imaging center, calling to report that while one biopsy came back ok, the other did not, and there is something called DCIS, and it is cancer. Apparently one of the friendlier types of cancer, if you catch it early enough and treat it properly. But it is still not the same as being 100% healthy and cancer-free. Coming after a whole day of thinking I was ok, this was a double punch in the gut. I'm really kind of pissed off at my doctor's office for getting this wrong.

I think I will allow myself whatever freakout I need to have this evening, and then back to work. The next thing is an appointment with a surgeon, ten days from now. No need to spend the entire ten days freaking out.

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Lee said...

Thinking of you.