Wednesday, October 1, 2014

the honeymoon is over

Or maybe I'm just having a bad day...I am having mixed feelings about string orchestra this semester. On the one hand, I have a stand partner (which means there is an actual viola section, hooray) and I really like playing with her and I think we sound good together. On the other hand, rehearsal is, well, boring. It's the Second Violin Show, Featuring the First Violins, and the rest of us do a lot of sitting around listening while the 2nds go over their parts. And over and over. That's a lot of sitting around. I'm not much of a sitter-arounder anyway, but by that time of day, I need to be engaged in something or else I start to fade.

Then again, this has been a lousy day, and maybe I was looking for a lousy ending to it.

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