Friday, October 10, 2014

today was much better

Yep, it was much better.

Short (4mi) little run at recovery effort, no pressure to run any specific pace. Thought about music the whole time. Not work, not health, not anything but music.

Breakfast, then off to the hospital for meet-n-greet with team doctor #2, the radiation oncologist. One of the first things he said to me was "DCIS...that's not even cancer!" I loved him immediately. They said I could run if I didn't let my arms rub against my torso (no worries with these little arms) and if I felt up to it (now that is another story), and they were all for playing viola, since the arm motion will get blood flowing and all that good stuff. It will be a crummy 6-1/2 weeks, but I'll take it over the alternative.

Back home, I was even able to focus well enough to get some work done, first time that's happened since Monday. Later I got some decent practice in, though I am still underprepared for the lesson tomorrow (so what else is new?).

What a crap week it's been. I don't want another one like it. Today, just being able to think clearly was some kind of blessing.

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