Sunday, November 30, 2014

vive la

Today we went to the surprise 80th birthday party of someone I know from running. Her daughters thought it would be nice to invite people from all parts of her life. Funny thing was that I knew most of the people there from work, and playing music, and the time of my life when I was a few years out of college and paying back my engineering-school loans by waiting tables. I didn't meet the birthday girl until many years later. She was an artist, is an artist, is a runner, is French, is fabulous. If I get to be 80 I hope I'm like her.

Tomorrow starts my last, foreshortened work week before the holding pattern ends and the treatment starts. They made the announcement about insurance last Tuesday and many people were out Wednesday; I wonder if there will be more backlash tomorrow, or if people will be outright nasty about it. Our mandatory open enrollment meetings are this week too, and I'm sure this will not have people in good moods.

A few weeks back I interviewed for a job I think I would like very much. The people interviewing me (quite understandably) had reservations about my tendency to leave jobs every year or so, but apart from that (pretty huge thing) I thought it went well, and they did choose to interview despite their doubts, so I guess they thought they saw something worth investigating, or maybe they were just bored. It is a public-sector job and so pays much less than market rate, and there's the whole matter of having to ask for a little time off each day for radiation, and the sticky prospect of switching health insurance in the middle of treatment. I have not heard from them since the interview, but I did talk with the person who had vacated the position (he is an old acquaintance and co-worker from my restaurant days) and he said he'd recommend me. Just for the hell of it I checked the job listing again and they have now upped the salary range, and the top is not much less than what I make now. Maybe they are trying to attract better private-sector people. 

I still have not told the Entire World about the medical stuff, though I have referred to it in an oblique way to some people, and told some others outright. Apart from the grumbling at work about insurance premiums, most people have been pretty cool about it and no one has freaked out. One person keeps referring to the upcoming surgery as my "thing" (you can hear the quotes he puts around it), while another is blase to the point of signing off with stuff like "give my best to the boobies!" Funny, funny. I am still going with the "it won't be so bad" attitude, though that breast is looking smaller and more pitiful by the day, and it has recently begun to hurt (what!). I am a really small, flat-chested person. Anything more than a centimeter or so will be a significant percentage of the whole. Still, even if the lumpectomy deforms me a lot, it's an easier recovery than a mastectomy, so that's that.

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