Saturday, December 20, 2014

dry river bed

Slept the sleep of the just, woke up thinking it was Friday and thinking I had a viola lesson yet to go to. Happily, I realized that was all yesterday, not today. Did my little 3.25 walk-run thing and we'll see if it's ok later. 

I have resolved to make some changes regarding music education. There's a community orchestra I played in once and then dropped after a season; their new season is about to start and I emailed the director about joining again. I have also made the first pre-inquiries into finding another teacher. Not because of the aforementioned party non-invitation, but because of this: more and more often I hear my adult friends talk about their music teachers as these strange and alien creatures who really seem to appreciate their students' desire to learn, and care about their students' accomplishments. My teacher is not at all like that. I get the feeling he thinks he's doing me a favor by letting me take lessons from him. I hate to put words in peoples' mouths or ideas into their heads, but that's the way it seems, and I want the kind of teacher my friends talk about, assuming they really exist. I really wish it had worked out better studying with my current teacher, but it hasn't, and sometimes it makes me miserable. I hate feeling this way, and it's so unnecessary. Life is too short. I just want to learn to play viola, that's all.

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