Friday, December 12, 2014

human resources

My dislike of our HR department has become intense, and is now bordering on the irrational.

My post-op doctor appointment is next Wednesday. This morning, I received a summons to a "follow-up meeting" with HR (and my boss) next Tuesday. When I asked my boss what it was for, he said that HR had a few questions about the wording of the doctor's note (which I have not seen) that they want me to follow up on. 

Should this bother me? It did. I saw it as yet another hoop I was going to have to jump through in order to keep my job. I objected, and my boss considered my response "hostile to HR"  and wants me to start being more cooperative. He's right - I am hostile to  HR - but the fact that he's siding with HR is not very comforting.

What I need to do is to chill, at all costs - let them fire me if they're going to. It won't be the worst thing in the world. It might be humiliating, it might sting some, but life will go on. Getting my back up anytime HR talks to me is not going to help me; in fact, it may even become the grounds for my dismissal. So I need to chill.

But I hate them!

Please, world, encourage me to chill. Let me think about:

  • the weekend coming up
  • the Bake-Off Sunday evening, and seeing good friends
  • the two cool things I learned about playing viola yesterday, and how I will get to put them to use later today when I get home
  • the lesson yesterday, and how uncomplicatedly fun it was

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