Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I blew it

I am so steamin' mad I don't want to go into much detail now, but suffice it to say that I lost my temper at work, in front of my boss, at the local head of HR. She insisted I supply a doctor's "ok to return to work" note before setting foot in the building. This rule is not documented anywhere. Actually it is, but only for people who request a federally-sanctioned kind of leave of absence (FMLA), which I had not; I simply used 2 of my own vacation days to have surgery, and recover from it.

Anyway, I had asked my doc to fax the note on the day of surgery, and I emailed and left voicemail again today, but by afternoon the note had not arrived, and HR was not going to cut me any slack.

The day ended with a meeting of me, the HR woman, and my boss. The HR woman kept saying "we just want to make the best decisions for you" and I kept saying "I'm not asking you to do that". The HR woman kept saying "we need to know what you can and cannot do" and I kept saying "I cannot swim in a lake; that's all". I pointed out that this medical-clearance requirement was not documented anywhere. I pointed out that the form HR wanted the doctor to complete clearly said "FMLA" on it, which did not apply to me. I said that I had done everything reasonably possible to get my doctor to fulfill this stupid requirement, so why can't HR bear with me and let me work while we wait?

Nope. I have been forbidden to return to work until this matter has been sorted out.

I was so mad. I told the woman that she seemed to be making this whole thing up as she went along. My voice shook. I shook. And all in front of my boss, who must think I'm a lunatic.

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