Thursday, December 18, 2014

in lieu of rolling my eyes

At work, the week drags on. I am still working on the same thing I've been working on for months. Things are in flux. We are Agile and we are not. We are to make our own decisions and not bother our nontechnical PM with technical details, yet we must also ask permission for every thought, lest we break some policy we were not aware of. Things are important, now they aren't. For some reason the network admin locked down internet access again, and for some reason this hindered the app developers' ability to work. While this is being sorted out, the developers are holding daylong cocktail parties, 10 feet from my desk. They are using this downtime to continue to get to know each other, loudly. I know so much about them: what they like to eat, what movies they watch, what tv shows they watch, how they were raised by their families, how they are raising their families. They spent a lot of time yesterday googling "largest bird ever" and discussing the results. I was discovered pushing a large file (1.2G) to google drive and questioned about it; the cost of bandwidth is a matter of concern to the company. Because as a company we do not trust automation, we run SSIS packages from our desktop machines that pull wads of data from a server in the midwest to do lookups against (and ultimately push wads of data to) a machine in the southeast. I would think that this constant flow of data would be the major source of bandwidth consumption, but I am not a network person, and maybe internet bandwidth is a different animal than WAN bandwidth.

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