Monday, December 8, 2014

miscellany from the first weekend in december 2014

Woke up yesterday with a rash that seemed to follow the "footprint" of betadine or whatever they used to wash me before surgery. The itchiness and stuff made me cranky. Benadryl helped. Today I still have the rash, but it's manageable. I am hardly sore or stiff from the surgery; in fact, I woke up this morning with my right arm over my head.


Viola practice has been atrocious, and the problem is mental, not physical. My mind is absolutely elsewhere. I can hardly focus on a single line, sometimes even a single bar. It's not like I'm thinking of anything in particular, more like I'm incapable of thinking at all. It's very frustrating.


I saw this on facebook: what if you're not good at what you love?

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