Monday, January 5, 2015

the best we have to offer

It's interesting how quickly the drama can shift from things like Health and Cancer to things like Viola Lessons and Hurt Feelings. Not much has changed since Saturday's very bad lesson. I submitted my application to the camp (sans recording, which can come later), so now I am trapped. I must find some way to make that recording, even though I can't even pick up my viola without replaying (in my head) every mean thing my teacher said the other day.

In a polite email, I let my teacher know that constant criticism can be, um, demoralizing after a while. I fully expect he will fire me at the next lesson, if not before. I have made more inquiries into finding another teacher but haven't had much success. I wish this were a bigger city, with more viola teachers.

It occurs to me that one can't be that much of a jerk by accident.

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