Saturday, February 14, 2015

happy in a land of oz

Last night I dreamed that my house grew much bigger and turned into a party. The dream house had more rooms than my real house (though it was shaped pretty much the same), and it filled with people, different people from different times of my life, all of them musicians, all playing or enjoying music. There were people from Interlochen in one room playing together - people I hung out with while I was there, and people I wanted to get to know but never managed to. There were people from the college-music "scene" (how I hate that word, but it has its uses) I was part of, and they were now folkies playing their artisanal instruments in another room. The back room had swelled into a mini-amphitheater, and a sound guy was setting up some kind of laser light show for a bunch of people I liked despite the fact that they liked music that I hated (like the kind of music that begs for a laser light show). At one point the lights went out because the sound guy's equipment had tripped a breaker, but before I could find the breaker box, someone had fixed it. I didn't plan the party or invite anyone; they just appeared. All were there, all were welcome, everyone was having a good time.

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