Monday, February 23, 2015

winners, losers

After 2 days tamoxifen-free, I feel 99% better. The only part of me that hurts is where I had a tetanus shot last Friday.

I started yet another job today, yes, I am a loser. This is a contract job, working for the former CIO of Company H (see some blog post from October if this confuses you), as well as a former colleague from Company H, and together we will work in the same commonality of spirit we had at Company H to fix all the many things that are wrong with the databases at this company, which I'll call Company P. At least I am being asked to do things that make use of my years of banging my head against the wall, rather than just clicking buttons and watching little boxes turn green.

Tomorrow is Speedo's Day, and I have really been holding it together pretty well but when I got home from work today she seemed so glad to see us both there...even laying on her side, not moving much, she was basking in all the attention. She made as if to play her fake-biting game and I just lost it, and begged my husband to let her stay around a little longer. He just held me and let me cry, and said nothing.

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