Monday, March 9, 2015

bleh Monday

A whine: I've been off tamoxifen 17 days, a day longer than I was on it in the first place. Right after I stopped taking it, a lot of side effects went away immediately, but now some have crept back. I am grouchy. My body temperature is beyond reason and beyond control, a bad thing to be when it's 80F outside, 75+ inside my house, and 67F in my cube. I am tired. I tend to fall asleep in weird places, like at the computer or while playing viola. My stomach is messed up. My old friend mr lymph node has popped up just below my belly button and it hurts. It aches. By evening my feet feel like waterlogged blocks of wood and it's hard to stand on them very long. This means I take a lot of breaks while practicing and lose my already-tenuous focus.


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