Monday, March 23, 2015

man out of time

Running: this morning I ran 5 miles in just over 50 minutes, and it was a struggle. I must keep on, though.

Work: Day 1 (of 4) of agile training, and I want to stab myself. It's just so much crap. Plus I got taken off the work I was doing (longterm fixing) to put out some new fire some VP of muckymuck is screaming about. Plus I'm getting sucked into DBA work (again), the kind I don't know how to do. The company contracted to do DBA work apparently wants to get paid for stuff like that, and my company doesn't want to pay. I want to retire. I am not a company man.

Viola: morning practice ok; I even remembered how to do 3 over 2. evening practice not so great, but I was tired. Scales ok, etude worse, Bach better (I spent about 10 minutes on 2 measures, finally got them sounding consistently like what I hear in my head), haydn worse, Puccini sounded like I'd never seen it before. Does not bode well for Wednesday's rehearsal, when my stand partner will be absent and the other violist's attendance is always a question mark.

And now here it is going on 10pm , and this joe's dead tired and going to bed.

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