Sunday, June 28, 2015

some (more) thoughts about learning vibrato

This has been a decent week, but I will write about that another time; it's late and I did want to write this down before bedtime (which was an hour ago):

I've been using Doree Huneven's video (thanks, Lee!) to help me in my mission to destroy and then recreate my vibrato. She breaks things into small pieces and advocates spending weeks, or even a month, on each small piece. Wave hello (she waves hello, not goodbye): a week. The "string-polishing" exercise everyone learns: a month. Holy hell. As an adult with a Busy Life and Goals To Meet as well as a pre-existing, fairly weak and inconsistent vibrato, I think: "a week? a month? Why must it take that long? I see what she's doing, and I can do it (for the most part). So why can't I go on to the next little piece as soon as I get in my head what I'm supposed to do?" But I think the answer is that it's not about getting it into my head. It's about doing it for a week, or a month. I can wave hello (or goodbye) to myself, but I notice that my hellos aren't as fluid, and don't have the range of motion that Ms Huneven's have. I want my hellos to look like that. I want to know what those hellos feel like. That's why it takes so long.

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