Sunday, July 17, 2016

the tipping point

This latest discussion over on has pushed my buttons. There are a few participants who are very open about their contempt for adult beginner string players. It reminds me of when my teacher told me that "everyone" (he and his colleagues) hates listening to adults play, hates working with them, only does it for the money. That anyone can say that and not care who hears it - indeed, to say it to the audience who would least appreciate it - really blows my mind.

I am especially sensitive to ageism lately, to the point where *I* cringe to see adults playing string instruments or trying to describe their experiences learning. The little asshole voice in my head says "not for you, not for you, that world is not for you, you will always be out of place, you will always look silly and ridiculous." Maybe learning to play this instrument should just be for my own enjoyment, to be heard only by myself and the dogs, and whatever teacher will put up with me.

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