Saturday, November 26, 2016

everyone who is learning to play a musical instrument should see this.

Maybe some commentary later, maybe not. But for now, I'll just throw this on here.

Monday, November 21, 2016

the world has become a supermarket checkout tabloid

I have started to succumb to a sort of paranoia: I don't know who can be trusted, what can be trusted, what the "real" story or subtext is, and everything has one. Everything, from speculation over the president's potential conflicts of interest to the "real reason" for the hoohaw between the VP and the Broadway star. Nothing is as it seems. 

This is incredibly anxiety-inducing. I depend mostly on facebook for my communication with other people, but so much of what I see is political, or quasi-political, or propaganda. Photos taken from god-knows-where and photoshopped with some "the more you know" aphorism, like this is going to change anyone's mind about anything. I don't know what to do or not do, think or not think. Social justice is important. No, global everything is important. We should "do something" about the presidency; no, that would leave something even worse in its place. No, it's cool; he's just a shill. It's all good; accept and move on. Focus on the downballot. Think global, act local. Practice those random acts of kindness. No, out evil whenever you see it, visibly, violently. March, arm in arm. Be kind to people for no reason. Kill the motherfuckers. Scroomall and go to Disney, buy a lot of crap on black friday, support your local Toyota dealer's sales event.

The possibilities are endless. Should I do anything? Or is it all so hopeless that I should just hide my face in my hands and hope it all goes away soon? This has leached into my nonpolitical socializing and again I find myself wondering who is what, which can be trusted, and why does anyone do anything, what's the real reason. I said above that I have started to succumb to paranoia, but maybe it's always been there.